Unforgiving Sea

March 16, 2017
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Calm steady winds and little white caps
disguise the true malicious intent, of the unforgiving sea
It’s where people go for travel, to make a living,
and to spend time with loved ones.
No one ever expects to be the one swept out to sea
like loose limp seaweed never to be seen again.
The boat that goes on its maiden voyage
only to be met by a rogue wave that seals its fate.
It lures cruise liners to the Bermuda Triangle
sucking them into mysterious waters
where not even screams can be heard.

The sea breeds storms as its way to attack
the land lovers who refuse to meet it face to face.
A graveyard for many,
like a giant tomb of the unknown soldiers,
and many civilians taken from friends and family.
It has no remorse, no cares, and no feelings
for she is the unforgiving sea,
and lives will continue to be taken.

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