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March 16, 2017
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Haze from mary fogs the lights above
The sweet burning smell of all our favorite poisons
Fills our nostrils 
The word no adolescence want to hear comes from the front door
A brief moment we all look into each other's minds
Coming to the same conclusion

Herding through the sliding glass panels
Trying to escape
The echos
From the howls of wolves behind us,
Moving as fast as our uncoordinated legs can,
We jump the back deck railing,
dropping to the unknown

Adrenaline fills my system
Heartbeat pounding through my ears,
As our feet land we scatter
Trying to confuse the predators,
Who have beams of incriminating light,
Tools they use to lock in their prey
They hope for us to freeze like deer in headlights

But we are no such animals

I sprint to my getaway parked out front
But the predators came in multiple packs,
Surrounding us,

I turn to see that I’m in the light,
That did not come from above,
I scramble toward the black top
Leaping over a tall wooden fence

Something my pursuer can not do
I run right
In between the the vehicles everyone in our species are so scared of

But while escaping one
I’m ambushed by another,
I manage to struggle past
But am slowed way down,

The light is now on my heels
I start to pull away once again
Until hearing the harsh slide of a cross draw
And a verbal threat of electrocution
I weigh my options and decide to give into the teeth of my pursuer
I turn to a weapon in my face before blinded by the light,
That is now above me as I am forced to the ground

My wrists are ripped from the back of my skull
I can now feel the the metallic grip I was trying so hard to avoid
Tighten around my freedom,

I am dragged to a metal cage on wheels
After questions and threats I hold strong while remaining silent
I am dragged back inside
Being escorted in with my new jewelry,
Only to lock eyes with friends
And for smirks and giggles to spread throughout the room
As this is a story to tell.

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