Wishful Thinking

March 15, 2017

Faith like a child
And a fraction of the innocence
That I had as a young girl:
That is what I wish for
Upon every shooting star I witness
As it soars away to distant galaxies
And skies I’ll never see.
Oh, to live in the bliss of ignorance
And believe that the star
Has a brightly-lit future ahead of it,
Instead of knowing
That star will never shine again
And I just wished upon its last breath.
Society tells you,
“Knowledge is power”;
Oh yes, the power to shatter dreams
And fracture simple childish joy
That once had its own power
Strong enough to light the sky
With a million stars.
I want to defy logic
And rebel against reality,
Climbing aboard a boat of clouds
And sailing away in the moonlight
To find the stars that flew away
And left me to deal with a world
That crushes fantasy
And shames fiction.
So I’ll chase down the unreal
And reclaim the impossible,
And even if I can’t find the lost stars
At least I know I’ll still have
A universe of them
Sparkling within my eyes.

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