March 15, 2017
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I await an encounter.


I swished around an empty ocean full of nothing but no meaning,

wanted to venture to the point where our paths cross, but with no

such luck. But

you did come, eventually, and

oh, how the world has been enlightened by the brilliance you bring to the world.


How different you are from me, who swims

this pure water, being a creature that roams the grounds above.

How different you are from me, who only knows the clear

blue water surrounding me, being a creature that loves the faded green on the ground.


Nevertheless, let us meet in

the room where pearls that glisten in the chalcedony sea meet with 

the flowers in the little emerald forest, where our lives can cross paths too.


And time is beautiful,

connecting me to you every day.

It seems to stop at the sight of you, and yet

it is what says goodbye too quickly, soon bringing the time to part,

as the our friend sails west and darkness creeps in.


And… Soon we will reach the moment

to venture and reach towards the highest of the mountain,

and the deepest of the ocean, but

we’re afraid to go further.

Afraid that as time passes, our times will too.

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