March 15, 2017
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The music starts it’s in your heart beating in your soul leading your feet and you're dancing swinging singing and you forget the yelling screaming your soul was bleeding but now you're free you're existing twisting living in the music until it stops.

It stops and you can't breathe see nothing but blinding reality you can't escape your surroundings that take and take more than you can give to live you try to climb fly break free you want to be as strong as the tallest tree but you're just a sapling.

Weak. Small. Can’t run, can’t even crawl.


You are strong!

Ignore the words the hurts

YOU’RE NOT WEAK scream it loud proud no clouds will cover your shine bright light that flows glows radiates from your healing soul can't be reduced seduced you're bruised but you stand up look up don’t give up you throw your hands up!


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