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March 14, 2017
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I am from pizzas,

From tomato sauce and mozzarella.
I am from the skyscraper in the cloud.
(mysterious, tall,
it smells like the sea.)
I am from the Chinese Redbud
the bamboo
whose straight long limbs shoot for the sky
as if they know no fear.

I’m from tea and dark hair
From Kong and Zhong
I’m from Confucianism
And inner peace,
From deep breath in! and deep breath out!
I’m from don’t pursue perfection
Pursue happiness, and knowledge.

I’m from Beluno and virtue’s generation,
Plain porridge and mild oolong
From the homeless nights, my father
In Italy,
My father’s fear of the howling wind.

In my heart is a picture
Snapped a long time ago,
Few familiar faces
To encourage me when I fall.
I am from those snippets—
Talked before I walked—
The words of harmony.

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