Life in a Chamber

March 14, 2017
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It was dark, and quiet, save for the tempo;
The steady beat that thumped on relentlessly.
The rhythm swayed this way and that
Depending on the weather outside.
If it happened to be a bright cheery day
The pulse was steady and determined.
On days where it never seemed to stop raining
The throbbing was almost painfully loud.
But ever the chamber fulfilled its destiny
And continued the meter indefinitely.


Or so it was meant to be.


There came a time when the sun rose
And never seemed to want to set again.
The hammering vibration was louder than ever
And seemed to have a driving force behind it
As it rang loud to be heard by all.
Many a good day passed under this new sun
And the wonderful new tone coming from the chamber depths.


As it was meant to be.


But slowly, the sun started to burn
Ever brighter, and more dominantly.
The clouds tried to cry their tears
But they were evaporated
And the mists vanished under the new glare.
The cadence was strained, and irregular,
Striving to match the sun to no avail
Until finally, with a battering crash,
The chamber was split in two
Torn apart by its own drumming.
One last reverberation rang across the now desolate dry land
And then all was dark, and quiet,
Completely so now.


Despite it never being meant to be.

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