Little Did You Know

March 15, 2017
By apfeffer BRONZE, Ambler, Pennsylvania
apfeffer BRONZE, Ambler, Pennsylvania
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You see people every day.
You talk to people every day.
You socialize, you laugh, you smile with them,
But you don’t truly know them.

Little did you know,
That the boy who always cracks jokes in class hides his best talent from everyone.
He loves to dance and recently got into one of the best ballet schools there are,
But he conceals his talents, because of his fear of being teased for it.

Little did you know,
That the student you just laughed at cries himself to sleep every night.
He feels as if he has no friends and is mocked every day.
Sure, he may look happy, but it’s all just a disguise.

Little did you know,
That the girl who ran off crying just had her heart broken by her love.
She treated him like he was the reason of her being,
But he broke her because he was seeing another girl.

Little did you know,
That the person who just walked by is abused by her parents every day.
She is endlessly hit and is always in pain.
No wonder she always seems to feign her happiness.

Little did you know,
That the kid who just passed you in the hallways is suicidal.
He cuts himself every day after school,
And thinks that everyone is trying to be cruel to him.

Just because you think you know a person,
Doesn’t mean you do.
There is always more behind the mask.

The author's comments:

This poem was inspired by real people in my life. I hope anyone who reads this will become more aware of the people are them and will pass it on. 

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