pick your battles

March 14, 2017

Today I love myself for who I am
You can’t stop me I’m strong
I love the way that I treat myself
I’m hard on my-self but its what I need
Some structure and some love
But I need most of all my family
I love them more than they could ever know
I tell them every day but I know that they don’t believe me all the time
I wish that they would
But it is not up to me to make them understand

In a way you could tell me that I’m awful
But because I am I’ll make a joke about it
As you know I can’t be trusted with your secrets because I’ll forget it
I love to think I have control over things that I don’t
It makes me feel empowered
But I will not be left I the dust
I will stand up for myself
Because my mom told me
“Pick your battles”
So I do.
I will not leave this place now
Not ever

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