A Soul is a Fire

March 14, 2017
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A soul,
It is like a sparking flame.
Going this way and that,
growing, dying,
flickering and everchanging.
Some souls are like a small candle,
a peaceful flame,
small, but warm,
and easily snuffed out.
And that candle flame,
it might grow up to be a roaring fire,
A fire that many can see,
that many may be with and use.
Some souls are like a sparking flare,
bright, hot,
very influential to others, very able to start more fires.
Some souls are like hot embers,
dying, ceasing,
yet still glowing, bright,
still warm, still smoldering strong, resisting death,
but then reborn the next morning as a new fire,
fresh and renewed once more.
But there are also those souls that are like a building fire,
coming alive fast and without warning,
leaving nothing in its path but ruined black things and destruction,
only to be extinguished again,
having only caused despair.
And some souls are like a forest fire,
destructive and ruthless, yes,
but also a bringer of new life,
fertilizing the ground with its ashes,
long after it has been put out.

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