In The World We Live In Today

March 14, 2017

In today’s age we are defined by the names given to us by society. Fat,ugly,too skinny,flat chested,ect,ect.And since the beginning we were all told that these names were given to us by people that felt insecure about themselves and didn't want to acknowledge their own inner issues,we were all told that little saying about stick and stones but words do hurt. I wish that sometimes we would see the world through five eyes rather than two.We enclose ourselves in what we think is a sad sad world but little do we know society is changing, society is becoming sadder and sadder. We live in a world where technology has evolved in more ways bad rather than good not for reasons of artificial intelligence but i believe that technology is the path to our own self destruction.We live in an era of instagram,twitter,snapchat and all other forms of social media.before instagram use to be about sharing your world with friends and family but now it's a competition it's a business it's the quick way to fame without really working for it. You can become someone you're not it's encouraging young people to be something their you can change your face with just an app, maybe to take alittle weight off, maybe theirs a birth mark on your face your not fond of.but soon enough your someone you dont even reconize you form yourself to please what is acceptable to society. But what is really acceptable to society? A Tiny waist? a Big butt? Curves of a 20 year old at only the age of 15. So many young girls complain about not feeling beautiful it is because of the world we live in, they only feel like they're not beautiful because of the standards of another. What happen to young lady’s praising each other and bringing each other up and loving ourselves for the way god created us. But no we see a picture of a dress and how perfectly that dress hugs the person wearing it and we buy it but when it comes it big its doesnt fix us how we expected and all of a sudden it's our fault not the dresses. Were all seeking perfection but through whose eyes? I'm personally tired of the world being seen through only our eyes. The conservative quiet female you see little do you know has the biggest voice and has so much to say. The one u think is just a “dumb blonde” is a genius we live our lives with only what we see is in front of us but there's more underneath the surface of what we're im not saying im the most positive person and i love the skin i am in no, i hated everything i saw in the mirror i got it all fron people from your too skinny,to your birthmarks on your face are ugly,or your only cute because you have curly hair. I let it control my life i became that person that changed my pictures online to what i thought beauty was.i became that person that would search online ways to gain weight because i thought i was too skinny. Every Time someone said i was beautiful i’d question why were they lying to me or when someone would tell me i was talented and that i was going to go places i didn’t see it but it just took me a minute to sit down and really look at myself in the mirror and see that who cares if im not acceptable in the eyes of society. I was gifted with voice of million. I believe i can change the world and if i only get on person to say they see the world differently because of me i've did everything i wanted to. i spent too much time crying and obsessing with my appearance with what i need to change to please others. I questioned if i was gonna make it but i was given these struggles because i'm the only one that can put them into something beautiful something that not only will be read but will be felt. I took the gift of life and for along time and saw it as a curse but this life will only be lived once why fill it with such negativity live everyday like its your last, show love to a stranger, take a chance on life. Speak up stop hiding behind what others think is beautiful,im enough and i love the skin i'm in. . . . .

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