When you left me

March 13, 2017
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 She missed him
He missed her
They missed each other
She missed him more than he would ever know
She wouldn't eat
She wouldn't sleep
She cried all alone at night
She could not see the bright side
she lost her light
Her light made him happy
He would think about her nonstop
He worried about her health
He missed her light
He missed her everything
One day she got an invitation from him
He invited her to his wedding
She was crushed
She couldn’t sleep
She wouldn’t eat
She collapsed and never got back up
He found out about her death and attended her funeral 
He saw her face, it was beautiful
The tears came down his face
He touched her cheek and felt a spark
The same spark he felt when he touched her hand the first time
A tear slid down his cheek
It splashed on her forehead
They finally pulled him away
They closed her casket
Lowering her into the ground
He cried more
'This is your fault' the voices told him
He felt guilty then
He finally realized
He missed her

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