Just Think

March 13, 2017
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Before you do anything,
Think of the people
in your life,
think of them being utterly
and totally destroyed.
Envision the chances
you will have:
the good, the bad,
and the other.
Before you pick up that razor,
Think of what you love,
who you love.
That one person
whose gaze makes you melt,
and think of what they'll see
when you lie flat on tile,
wrists still bleeding.
Before you pick up that gun,
Visualize your blood spattered
across the bathroom floor,
think of the unfortunate luck
of the person who finds you.
Before you tie that rope,
Picture your limp body,
and the kicked away chair,
and the deafening screams
that would shake the floor,
hoping to awaken you.
Before you jump
off that building,
Imagine the deep red liquid
that would surround your head,
mixing into your clothes,
staining the hands of
the good soul
who tried to save you.
Before you kill yourself, just think,
even for a second.
This is the one decision
that you can never take back.
This is the one decision
that will affect everyone,
even those who didn't know you.
This is the one decision,
where you hold not one life
in your hands,
but dozens.
Please, just think.

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