A True Perspective

March 13, 2017

A True Perspective
I am a citizen in America.
I live in the country of freedom but I am still oppressed because of many things.
I am a bisexual citizen in America.
I am not straight so therefore I am denied the social freedoms which are freely handed to those who are “privileged” because of their pale skin and sexuality but for me my lifestyle is a “sin”.
I am one out of many in America
And I wish when my Declaration of Independence spilled the phrase “All men are created equal” our society didn’t sequel with slavery, discrimination, and inequality but simply acceptance of the one sentence which our founding fathers based on such a beautiful and free country.
I am a Hispanic in America
And if you are Hispanic or Black you are more likely to get criminalized for drugs than whites although statistics show that whites are more likely to produce and sell more times than the Hispanic and Black population.
I am a fortunate person in America
The country where we have food go to waste in dumpsters from buffets but we can’t give one plate to the homeless man on the street who hasn’t eaten in days.
I am a witness in America
And violence is now mixed with protests even though Dr. King could clearly speak peacefully against segregation but now citizens of our nation think that we have to kill in order to better point across still
I am a student in America
And our teachers are disrespected by the students they teach and I can’t even begin to preach the amount of time and effort they put in just to seek our success but we stand and yell at them from our desks because we think we know best.
I am a citizen in America
And a man who has the mind of ignorance and tries to use his given wealth to fix his mistakes isn’t going to bust all of our issues which separate us. A sexist and narcissist man can’t unify our land of freedom but he has become our line in our now diversified country.
I am teenager in America
And my words mean something and aren’t always the sound of ignorance but the sound of pure intelligence and bliss and don’t miss when I try saying I want to stop laying down the rules which society has planned for me because I am me and I am not me if you can’t see that I act and dress differently than a regular teenage girl who is in love with the color pink.
I am a girl in America
And yes I work like a girl because I am a girl. And all around the world although we don’t have it the worst we get compared to men when we work just as hard and it hurts. I’m no feminist but I am sick and tired of this flame which lives and burns when it’s constantly receiving the fuel of male comments and I yearn to live in this society which I receive equity not equality
I am human and I believe that we can create a better America.

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