The Bisexual

March 1, 2017
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You heard right
I am a bisexual
I will steal your girlfriends and your boyfriends.
But don’t worry,
They might come back to you crying.
Because I just cheated on them with that hot person over there.
I’m greedy you say?
Well I’m bisexual,
Zo Of course I am.
I’m half gay and half straight.
You have every right to be worried.
I will cheat on my girlfriends with a boy,
And I will cheat on my boyfriends with a girl.
But wait, to you I don’t exist.
So how could I have done this?
Simple, I am a Unicorn in disguise.
Be afraid.
For nothing can stop my reign of terror over the straight community.
I will disrupt your way of life.
And now that you have made gay marriage legal,
No one shall be safe.
Oh no, did that famous person that you’ve been crushing on just come out of the closet?
I regret to inform you that they’ve joined my legion of gays to take over the world.
That’s right,
We are everywhere.
And we shall be watching.

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