i want to die

February 8, 2017
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As the weather turns, and summer fades away, the leaves on the trees fall down like snowflakes in a winter wonderland. And us flowers well….I want to die.

As the kids put on so many layers they start to not to be able to move or function, I'm sitting here without protection dying more day by day.

Each petal falls off me but oh boy I wish they would stay.

As frost covers the ground I start to freeze inside out until I die a harsh and brutal death and collapse to the ground like the blocks of Jenga that the kids play with time after time.

I want to survive but the recurring thought ponders in my mind. I want to die.

The scent of the flowers diminished in the air as the seasons roll around like a ball down the stairs.

The summer is filled with color while the other two seasons make life turn gray.

Please please winter go away I’ll come back full of more and more color but this time to stay.

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