After They Are Gone

March 12, 2017
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i am trapped, alone
in mind and body

my skin is unraveling
and i am bursting out

i am bigger
than these bones

i am caged in
with these thoughts

that do not care
to ever stop

they go, go, go
and i do nothing but feel it

and i have started to perceive

this solitude
and shake sweating, trembling hands with it

and it’s fingers are constantly cold

wind hollows my bones
and makes my skeleton quiver

the voice in my head is so loud
so quick

that it has become quiet

and i start to see
that i will not ever grace another’s mind
and feel their silence

everything i’ve seen
everyone i’ve met

everything i will see
everyone i will meet

is fleeting
and dancing

spiraling into lonely skies

dying stars
giving white hot light

long after they are gone 

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