set free

March 12, 2017
By ssf837 BRONZE, Chevy Chase, Maryland
ssf837 BRONZE, Chevy Chase, Maryland
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above me
rolling fields of gray cloud
are pierced by the brilliant flash of electricity
as it slices through the wide expanse of stormy sky
thunder rolls in the distance
its rumbling, metallic booms
hanging in the humid air
wrapping me in waves of steel


the winds begin to rush
whipping my hair
as i stand


it shakes rain from the clouds
heavy drops caressing the earth
clinging to the autumn trees
glassy on their auburn leaves


droplets of water
create constellations on my skin
paving trails along my cheeks
like tears
a drizzle becomes a downpour
and i am soaked to the core


the rain beats against my skin
rhythmically cleansing my soul
my t-shirt is drenched
heavy with the water it holds
but i am set free
my worries washed away with the storm

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