Message in a Bottle

March 12, 2017
By , conroe, TX

This ocean is beautiful on top, but a mystery on the bottom.
There could be millions of unknown fish below.
Deep down 1000’s of decaying bodies.
Billions of wasted items scattered throughout.
People of this world take beauty and make it seem fake.
Why not go back to the beginning,
when the people of this world had to gaze around to find inspiration in what was surrounding them.
Look towards the ocean tell me what you see.
It’s clear that the ocean has a message in a bottle.
Beauty bursts throughout me and into you.
Once you look at me,
a sense of wonder will appear.
From your curiosity, you’ll gain knowledge
and from your knowledge you will grow.
Your growth will bring you back to me.
You’ll finally see the message in the bottle.
All you have to do is find beauty within.

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