I became a racing greyhound

March 12, 2017

I was with my mother
For eight weeks time
I was forced to leave my sisters and brother
After one year, I started to train in the daytime.

Today was my first race,
The humans wanted to see my progress
I finished strong and was not a disgrace,
But another dog was breathless.

He was sent away
I know not where,
I continued on my way
I did a second race and I flew though the air.

I became a racing greyhound!

It felt like I was in my cage forever
When I was out, I ran part time
Other dogs and I would race together
We didn’t have much downtime.

A fake rabbit we had to chase
Our owners were under stress
If we did not win, we would be replaced
Our bones were under stress.

I lost my first race, and I was sent away
I was in much despair
But, I got a new owner, with hair of gray
She let me sit everywhere

I had become a racing greyhound
Now I have found a new home
I am no longer chained to the ground
I am now on my throne and no longer alone.

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