March 12, 2017
Believe in the system
They tell me to believe in the distance
Between you and me
They tell me to believe in the world
Believe in every boy and girl
That something special comes from what we have right now
Believe in the sorrows
They make you grow up strong and resistant
To the dangers in this world
They tell me to believe in the heavens
Believe in every whispered word
That some kind of magic makes
All the worries go away
Believe in the scripture
That tells me to believe in the beings
Above me and below
The ones that didn't know
Believe in the words
In the nature of the man before and the sins they have repented
Believe in the hope
The hope that carries on through the hard times
They tell me to believe in the souls
Believe in everybody's voice
That wonders can be found under any dirty rock
Inside the truth lies
Sometimes as a gift and sometimes as painful as death itself

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