Shattered, Broken, Beaten; The Heart

March 11, 2017
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The pain Is unbearable. End it end it now for me or I shall fall further into a pit of despair one that coils around my body making my tears fall faster and faster by the second. It's like I'm being stabbed with a dagger upon dagger. It's blade pierces through my heart and then yanked out to be replaced by another. Blood gushes everywhere as I am stabbed once again, each time the blade going further and further. My body is going numb but all I can do is cry out in pain until I wither into nothing. My heart is in billions upon billions of pieces. SHATTERED! Broken is an underestimation and understatement. It's been pulled apart smashed beaten and stabbed. Yet my numb body can almost feel it try to beat, but it's to late, it's done it's over and I'm gone.

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