Pretty and Beautiful and Dear and Lovely

March 11, 2017

I took the train that promised to keep me closest to home

I wanted my freedom but I chained myself to the ground

I didn't want to leave the pretty things behind but when I did, I found something beautiful

Something that kept me from going back and I almost forgot all the pretty things I left at home

The chain never broke, I merely let a little more go each day

My life was now full of beautfiul things and I had a beautiful life

Slowly my beautiful life became routine and I loved it all the more

And sometimes I would go back home and the pretty things I left were no longer pretty but dear

And I took some of those dear things back to my beautiful life and they made my beautiful life look less beautiful but even more lovely

And now I've realized that this life we live is not only pretty and beautiful and dear and lovely but most of all this life is full of grace

And when we've found grace in and with life, we have every good thing we possibly could

And our life is full of bliss and good moments

And I know we all long to someday feel all these things at once and maybe we can

Maybe we can enjoy everything pretty and beautiful and dear and lovely all at the same time

And when we do, it will be our heaven on earth

Maybe it's a person or a place or a book or a memory

But everyone has something that makes them feel these things 

Things that keep us grounded and in the moment

Things that keep thinking, "what a blissful moment this is" 

And that's the key:

We can achieve bliss through leaving the pretty and beautiful and dear and lovely things behind so we can find the graceful things in life

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