Its not that simple

March 10, 2017
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  It’s not that simple…
Grande jeté ,and plié are words you must learn to say, if you want to do ballet.
For ballet is not just about pink shoes or sparkly tutus.
It’s not just about spinning in circles with your arms above your head
It is in fact much harder than many have said.
You do not go to class in a bright pink skirt
Nor warm up in a long baggy shirt.
It’s not that simple.
For to do ballet you must learn to play the eyes of the Beholder,
Elongate every muscle, and flatten every Shoulder…
Make your movements that you have worked so hard to perfect seem effortless,
Because once you are on stage there is no turning Back,
Even if you hyperextend your knee with a sickening Snap,
And even if,
Your toes are cracked and bloody,
you must smile,
because the audience doesn’t Know
They only see a ballerina as light and beautiful as Snow
They still don’t understand that
It’s not that simple

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