March 10, 2017
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I am saturday mornings 

From cartoons and captian crunch cearel. 

I am from my great grandmothers home. 

(Warm and cozy it taste like chocolate chip cookies) 

I am from the tall oak trees and honey bees 

( who stung us kids whenever we were more rotten than the tomatos)

I am from the prayers before each meal 

and the humor from Aubrey, Timara and Chuck.

I am from Chicago sports games and independent people. 

From being told to always push myself and to walk from those who speak words of hate. 

I from church every sunday 

from saints and sinners

I am from Chicago and Louisiana 

From Gumbo and deep dish pizza 

I from my uncle who died from smoking and cancer 

From my Great great -grandmother who was apart of the Cree Indian Tribe.

I am from painters, poets and jazz players

From slaves and indians 

I am from Saturday mornings and captain crunch cearel...

I am from all of this. 

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