March 10, 2017
By SoullessGirl156 BRONZE, Cresco, Iowa
SoullessGirl156 BRONZE, Cresco, Iowa
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Favorite Quote:
For stars to shine, there must first be darkness.

Under the starlight
Dancing on the water
The stars dance above me
Shimmering like glitter
Shining like diamonds

I go as the moon
Lights my path
To my escape route from

I’ve left the world
I watch it all disappear
My vision
Slowly fading

My path
Becoming more distinct
Leads me away
Away from a place
Cruel and dark
I follow

My sight of the lit up world
Gone with my soul
I leave
They won’t miss me
As I am apart of the stars
That once danced above me
I now dance with them

I watch
My family and friends
Up here
I can protect them
I couldn’t down there
On the cruel and dark place
I used to call home

They haven’t yet noticed
I’ve left
When will they
I can’t tell you

I now dance
With the stars and moon
They light my path back to reality
I am awoken
From a deep sleep
From a fantasy place
My heart longs to call home

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