I love you Mom

March 10, 2017
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I see her as she walks up the stairs,
With her beautiful curly hair
Sometimes I look into her eyes
And it makes me want to cry
And do you know why?
Because of the pain she goes through all the time
All the fights i wish i could stop
Her beauty is so real don’t even need a beauty shop
She’s gone through a lot
But she will always come out on top
I try my best to make her proud of me
I wish i could take her on a shopping spree.
I know that i mess up and don’t always do my best
But I hate seeing her stressed
I love her with everything i am
I try to do good on my exams
I wish i could thank her for everything she has done
But these words haven't even begun
From helping me learn to walk and talk
I remember when times were easier when we used to play with chalk
I remember the day our lives were changed
That's when me and him became estranged
She taught me how to be strong
And I hate seeing him do her wrong
She’s helped me get over my heart breaks
And get away from the fakes
Her smile, so bright like a star
It all happened because of a car
If i could I would give her the world and more
And i would take her to her favorite place, the sea shore.
Everything I do is for you.
I will walk across that stage, for you
I Fight and wake up, go to school, for you
Go out on the court and play, for you
I would Walk through fire, for you
Take a bullet, for you
Walk across the world, for you
I love you Mom

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