First World Problems: A Public Service Announcement

March 10, 2017
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Sometimes when I get a cold my nose gets stuffy and I cannot breathe out of it. When I drink water I come out of the drink gasping for air. It is awful. I have almost died.

When I do all my laundry at once, I have so much clothing that it takes forever to fold. I wish I had only one shirt. It would be simpler.

Sometimes I will pour myself a bowl of cereal and when I open the fridge to het the milk, I realize there is none. I can’t eat cereal without milk. I should have made eggs.

I just bought an iPhone 6 and of course a month later the iPhone 7 comes out. Looks like I need a new phone.

I went to the concession and they had Coke instead of Pepsi. I would rather drink my own urine.

A Nicholas Cage movie is on and I cannot reach the remote…enough said

Sometimes I will get out a bag of tortilla chips and salsa for a snack. I pour some salsa, but it runs out with only a few chips left. I am full, but I cannot leave six chips in the bag, so I pour more salsa. Now there is too much salsa for my chips. How does one ever handle such a situation?

I needed to buy Kylie Jenner’s peach palette, but the internet was being slow and it sold out. Now I am stuck with drug store makeup.

My parents are lending my brother their car for the summer. The car they are lending him is the one I usually drive, so now I am stuck driving their truck. I hate trucks. I might just buy my own car.

I have a December birthday so sometimes people give me one gift for both Christmas and my birthday. I get them two gifts. Return the favor.

I have a Subway gift card that only has $3 left on it. That is not enough money for a sub. I am not going to spend my own money and I probably will not go in there and buy just cookies, so I might just throw the card away. I won’t use it.

The lady I hired to set up for my party did not do the right napkin fold. This is not what I paid for.

I went and got gas and accidentally pumped $10.01. When I got inside there were no pennies in the change tray, so I received 99 cents in change.

Difficult would be the word I would use to describe my life. Everything is so difficult. Being an American is difficult. Going to school is difficult. Being a teen is difficult. And sometimes even breathing can be difficult. Nothing could be worse than my experiences. For just a small donation of $2 a day you can help support me as I find solutions to my problems. Never again will I be plagued by first word problems.

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