The Dragon's Rule

March 9, 2017
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'Training everyday to fight for the kingdom.
Sparring to ensure the strength we’ve gained.
Sharpen our blades to pierce any armor,
Develop the techniques that will save our lives.

Protecting our treasure from monsters,
Castle walls keep chaos out,
Defeat other nations in the name of the king,
Fighting them now may prevent a Holy War.

This time it would be against demons of wrath.
However, we all know that’s just a story,
To ready us to kill with no regret.
The new “king” says it’s to save us

Every “code” is just to keep us in line.
Though we don’t believe unsheathing a sword justifies rule,
He seems to lead wisely,
Perhaps this man is worth fighting for,
Swords, however, do not choose kings.
This questionable man is Sir Artorias Pendragon

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