March 9, 2017
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The natural American television screen is one obscene scene with one routine
And flooded with the same dreary commercials telling you what they want you to be
And they mock you and tell you that you're not good enough for it
Shattering your dreams like what happens when you floor it
Smashing into that TV, leaving broken glass and windshield wipers stuck in your spleen
Not to be disrespectful but the things that you support are contrary to the ones we do
So you are going to have to leave
These TVs are the reasons why this country is divided
We trieded to edumacate but poems like this still randomly shift their perspective
The country continues to wait for somebody to save us
And people are always asking
About why there is no continuous rhyme scheme throughout this poem
Or why I am always awkward around others
And maybe if the television had done a better job of telling me how to express myself
Rather than telling me the letter of the day is "B"
Then there wouldn't be millions of children who never met their fathers,
Growing up surrounded by sex and drugs,
Popping pills and sipping cough syrup right here in Montville because they weren't recognized,
Because there are plenty out there who are flawed young individuals who bought into your games
And attempted to be what you wanted them to be
Mindless drones with a false sense of individuality
Because they all watched the same television program tell them
Over, and over, and over again
That a period is how to end a sentence.

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