I am From Darkness

March 9, 2017
By JohnHKR BRONZE, LaVista, Nebraska
JohnHKR BRONZE, LaVista, Nebraska
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I am from darkness

From the agony and anguish of human suffering.

I am from the dark, bloody recesses of your mind,

Where your blood-lust lies, waiting,



I am from the midnight oaks

Who's limbs hold dead by their necks

Eyes swollen,


As if they where my own.

I am from the nothingness,

The dark forbidding void.

From the watching of torture,

The fighting of friends,

The death of love,

And the destruction of trust.


I am from the nightmares

That keep you awake at night.

From the horrors of the human psyche

The darkness shunned from the world.

I am from darkness,

And nothing scares me.

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