Who Am I?

March 9, 2017
By Carter_Holmes SILVER, Cascade, Iowa
Carter_Holmes SILVER, Cascade, Iowa
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Today I found out I was adopted.
I stood there speechless, discovering a secret I never knew.
They said, “Sorry, there was no way to stop it.
We felt there was no other option but to tell you.”


My entire life has essentially been a lie.
I still cannot comprehend this.
My birth parents did not want me, but why?
Parents that I will, deep down, forever miss.


The truth is still left unanswered,
what my biological family went through.
Not letting it get to me is my standard,
but will I ever get to understand too?


Assuming my life would be so drastically different,
I just cannot conceive.
For better or for worse, I must admit,
maybe it was for the best, I believe.


I was adopted I now see,
with so many questions I probably will never know.
At least I can take comfort in a new family that loves me,
for the rest of my life the caring will show.
Who I am, for me, is to live and grow.

The author's comments:

By reading this poem, I hope people will understand the effects of adoption and that it is going to be alright in the end by refusing to focus on the "what ifs" and, instead, take pride in knowing that a loving family cares for you. My inspiriation came from my writing class to challenge myself in writing a serious work.

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