Who Am I?

March 9, 2017

Today I found out I was adopted.
I stood there speechless, discovering a secret I never knew.
They said, “Sorry, there was no way to stop it.
We felt there was no other option but to tell you.”


My entire life has essentially been a lie.
I still cannot comprehend this.
My birth parents did not want me, but why?
Parents that I will, deep down, forever miss.


The truth is still left unanswered,
what my biological family went through.
Not letting it get to me is my standard,
but will I ever get to understand too?


Assuming my life would be so drastically different,
I just cannot conceive.
For better or for worse, I must admit,
maybe it was for the best, I believe.


I was adopted I now see,
with so many questions I probably will never know.
At least I can take comfort in a new family that loves me,
for the rest of my life the caring will show.
Who I am, for me, is to live and grow.

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