You Won't Stay Broken For Long.

March 8, 2017
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It is in the most vacant part of my mind that you have found refuge. That amongst all the others who have found their place here in my mind, you managed to discover the most sacred of corners. A crevice in which those who reside seem to embed themselves amongst the others who previously have done the same. It is where the most delicate and broken minds rebuild with fragments once belonging to me, and discover their worth by obliterating mine. It is a subconscious act, for you are unaware and will remain that way until every hole you unintentionally dug in my mind is plugged with remnants of your stay. Soon enough you’ll find yourself leaving with an abundance of fulfillment and a gaping hole behind you. Darling, you may think you’re the most vulnerable to pain, but my mind is an open door without restriction and all who enter leave with what they desire and discard of what they don’t. And I can promise you, you will do the very same.

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