chestnut depths

March 8, 2017
By ssf837 BRONZE, Chevy Chase, Maryland
ssf837 BRONZE, Chevy Chase, Maryland
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i gaze into his eyes
and get lost in their chestnut depths

i see the bright warmth of a piping cup of coffee on a snow encrusted morning

then the aged mahogany of a lovingly polished piano that hums with decades of gentle jazz played upon its keys

layers of centuries-old amber filter the beams of gilded summer sun as he smiles

flecks come from a cacao bean,
earthy, but somehow tinged
with the sweetness of orchid-infused rainforest air

the sandy darkness of shaded desert dunes becomes a silhouette against an ever-blackening dusk sky

the russet of cascading maple leaves paints itself through the crisp, laughter-infused autumn air

the smokiness of glimmering topaz juts out from within a geode
its captured light seeming to radiate from within

vivacity shines from a speckled fawn that leaps and nestles in the brush of the afternoon wood

brushed copper covers a quaint, inviting cottage
reflecting warm yellow rays as dawn blankets the verdant valley

sienna softly brightens and darkens across the wooden panels encasing the cozy library
one that is brimming with wisdom scrawled across pages and shared over not-quite-bitter tea and a crackling fire

i see all of this in the window of his
warm, beautiful

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