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March 8, 2017
By Photoggirl1899 BRONZE, Alton Bay, New Hampshire
Photoggirl1899 BRONZE, Alton Bay, New Hampshire
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Don't focus on the past or the future, the present is where you are the most happy

You say you love me,

but never show it.

You say you need me,
but never acknowledge me.
You say you have no one,
yet I’m right in front of you…

You say I make you happy,
so why am I in tears?
You say you’re always here for me,
but now you’ve given up.
You say you’ll never leave,
but I never see or hear from you.

How come you’re just now saying goodbye?
How come whenever I hear your name I cry?
How come everytime I see her I think “I hope she makes you happy.”

Cause on the inside I’m broken,
but one of us should be happy right?

You say you want me to be yours
yet you ignore every word I say about us.
You never wanted to hurt me?
then why do you brag about her?  

Yes, I turned you away when you asked me to be yours
because I was scared…
And I still am.

Scared I’d get hurt, again and again.
Right from the start I should have known.
that you would give up just like before.

Scared you’d be the same, just like guys from my past.
Some care and some don’t but I hoped you did.
Guess I was wrong…

Should I have trusted you?
Please, let me know…
I trusted you with important stuff I’ve never trusted others with
and you took that for granted.
All the reasons I trusted you
are all connected by one.

I felt safe and secure in your arms that day. I didn’t want to let go
I thought you didn’t either…
But know I know you did
I know now because now you’re in someone else's arms
and not mine..

I know I shot you down but if you really did like me,
you wouldn’t of given up on us so easily.
If you really wanted there to be an us,
you should have stayed and fought.

Everyday I think about you…
Everyday I think about her…
Both at the same time…

Everyday people talk about you,
which makes me not want to be in school.
People keep saying you’re with other girls,
sometimes it hurts
other times I just don’t care.

But after all these feelings poured out in one,
the most important feeling of all is I don’t care anymore.

You hurt me more times than I can count.
You hurt me to the point where I don’t know what to do anymore.
You don’t answer my messages and when you do it never lasts.
So all the answers to if you cared or really liked me,
I know what they are.

The questions of:
Did you really care?
Where the feelings true?
What was going through your head this whole time?
It all makes sense now.

The author's comments:

This piece is something that I worked very hard on and it is actually one that I am very proud of

I wrote this poem after a true event and I was in a upset mood so I just wrote and this is what I came up with and I hope people like it.

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