Beautiful People And Beautiful Minds

March 8, 2017
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There are people

Who have beautiful minds

And there are people

Who have no mind at all

You can ask

"Do people have minds

That aren't beautiful?"

The answer to that?

"Yes, yes, yes."

They aren't the beautiful minds

But they also aren't the ones

Who have no mind at all

Those are the minds that

Are dark and dull

No, they're not ugly

They're a mix of both

You can look at it

Any way you want to

But the people who have

These minds are special

The people who own

These minds are damaged

Broken, Hurt, Lost

They feel like they're 

Going completely insane

They feel like 

They're losing their minds

The beautiful minds

Belong to the artists

And writers and passionate people

The minds that aren't really there

Belong to the people

Who contemplate taking

Away their very own

Existence each and every nigt

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