The Pledge Doesn't Discriminate

March 8, 2017
By HannahSaulnier PLATINUM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
HannahSaulnier PLATINUM, Manitowoc, Wisconsin
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The Pledge doesn't discriminate,

So let's end this hate.

Allied "under God," we're one nation.

The U.S. doesn't have to be made of just one sexual orientation.

We're supposed to be indivisible,

But everyone's so cynical

Of other people's skin color.

It doesn't take a scholar

To know the different kinds of fights,

Especially those involving people's rights.

There are people living on a street,

And there are people who judge everyone they meet.

It shouldn't matter, girl or boy,

As long as the person you love brings you joy;

Love is love, all the same.

Stop playing around, life's not a game.

It shouldn't matter who or what you are.

Who cares what they think; you know you're a star.

It shouldn't matter what a person has.

Nor should it matter what you're born as.

So what if you're gay?

It's a new age, a new day,

If the U.S. is free,

Then why can't everyone see

That we're all human.

It should be a perfect union

Of people of all kinds,

Yet nobody minds

That in the land of "liberty and justice for all",

We decide the border needs a wall;

Members of the LGBT community get hurt or killed,

Their blood being blood that shouldn't be spilled

Because there's a law to protect them;

Maybe you're a diamond in the rough, a real gem,

But nobody cares because you're poor;

The U.S. has been filled with internal war.

If you're one of those

People who hold your beliefs close,

Then think them over and stop

Believing that being white means being on top.

I mean, look at Obama,

Or even just your mama

Who didn't always breeze through life

With such strife.

Don't be a prick

To those who can't help being mentally or physically sick.

Don't be a jerk

To those who have more than one job to work.

You don't know what other people go through,

So stop being so God damn rude!

It's not fair

For you to stop and stare

At someone like an alien,

Since we're all mammalian.

Being different is not a disease,

So please...

Let's end all this hate,

For the pledge doesn't discriminate.

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