The Beauty of Happiness

March 8, 2017
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Running through a maze of astonishment,
Leaves behind the mark of azalea pink cheeks.
Warmth creeps upon the shivering body 
As a streak of love passes by to elevate the chills.
A pink petunia poses beautiful characteristics
As it's smell takes you into a world of romance.
Pink makes one feel loved and happy ,
Our emotions are sparked by  a force so calm and amazing.                                        

Raspberries sway in the morning warmth 
A very berry day awaits for those who are in love.
As petunias invade the rooms of couples celebrating Valentines day!
The smell of warm strawberry cake vanishes into the air
As the deliciousness brings joy and pleasure.
Ripe cherries are blended in with strawberries to get a perfect combination
A combination that leaves one excited .

Cranberries extend away into the meadow,
As in the near by tea room soft cranberry cookies are being baked.
Dull and ripe berries are mixed together for a delicious juice,
As radishes are being picked by the local agricultural workers.
Petunias deliver an aroma of pure delight that fills our  souls.

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