March 8, 2017
By , ormond beach , FL

“Finally Feeling”

My heart has been beating faster
As though a rush of adrenaline would after stealing
But only,

I didn’t steal
I did something much worse

I fell
Not onto the pavement of a sidewalk, not the stairs.
Into your eyes
Flowing like golden caramel,
consuming me deeper and deeper,
leaving me vulnerable.
To your touch.

I continue to lose myself in you,
by the way you jolt my heart to life.
Filling me until I can be whole
but, I can only be whole with you.


Deep dark hues of red
Filling the outskirts of my eyes
As they darken
My fists clench harder and harder
Almost turning purple
From lack of circulation
Fiery blocking my vision
From every rational thought
Until i snap

Some days still hurt more than others
After so long
Memories of you
Still pierce through me
Making me
Feel empty
When you left
You took my best friend with you

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