Forgotten Love

March 6, 2017
By , St Peters, MO

I remember the mocking the MOST
It was engraved in the back of my brain
Played on repeat as if sounds of war were
Masking the screeches of my battle cries

At home it was worse                       
The only happiness stemmed from school
Where lunch was certain
And the gas bill was paid
I missed the desert heat,
But at home:
The only thing associated with dry
Was the bottom of the bottle resting on my deabeat father's chest                  
The aroma sat so heavy
You could see the imprint left from
What mother called his fat, lazy ---

He didn't use to be like this
Before the mourning of his brother's death
He was happy and his spirits were light
He always told me
"I feel like a stranger in my own skin"
While my mother was off pursuing
the man who had driven off in the fog
My body ached as if aged like a fine wine
My head throbbed as if it had been struck by Thor's hammer
I always thought,
Love is a dangerous feeling,
One I would run away from
In fear it would turn out like my mother and father
Until her eyes met mine
I forgot all about the past.

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