senior year

March 6, 2017
By Anonymous

This is senior year.
This year is full of last times. Last football games. Last dances. Last time seeing all of your close friends that you have spent the last 12 years together. As we all part from one another it is very important to remember where we all came from. Just four short years ago we were all wondering “Where’s my locker,” or :how many stairs are left?” Although most of us dread school every single day we will all eventually look back on all our wonderful memories we had this year. Senior year is all about being laid back. The year of sweatpants and comfy clothes. Senior year is all about getting that diploma and moving forward with our lives. Excited to get out, but scared of what could be ahead. However this is our year as seniors aka the kings of the school to rule over our class for our year. Just to move back to the bottom of the food chain next year as freshman.

The author's comments:

For my last year in highschool i wrote a quick little article summerizing the past 4 years 

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