Too Late

March 6, 2017

I never noticed your presence until now.
Until it was too late.
I never noticed your presence until now.
Until your soul spoke to mine.
You were just another individual.
Blood rushing through your veins and your heart
Repeatedly beating for someone.
Someone who was not me.
I asked myself over and over why I was not good enough.
Why I could not be yours.
Why I could not own your heart.
The delicate way you smile sends shivers up my spine
And through the curves of my hips.
I have never had these feelings this fast for someone.
You make me feel as though I could be
Loved forever without dilemma.
These feelings I have for you are not right, and
The taste of rejection burns my tongue.
All I can think about is I have been conquered
Once again,
And I am going to be okay.
.... But am I really?
My whole heart just sunk
And my ego was bruised and hung.

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