And Then, Fade

March 6, 2017
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A mild breeze woke up the unconscious couple,
Scarf in black and blue overlapped the summer maple.
Your smile reminded me of the rimmed rainbow row,
Your graceful hairs dripped with unripe marrow.

“Here’s a present you’ve wished for,” she said,
“With an everlasting warmth in your heart.”
Sunlight covered your gracious smile in pure white,
Dreamlike, glowing lights shone the black pupils of my eyes.


Silent morning stands still above the dim hill.
Winter’s soundless growl snaps the nostalgic ill.
Warm cotton wraps outside my frozen coat.
Silver cold stabs my chest but not the enveloped throat.

Vanished footsteps mark the ending road,
Blue and black scarf tilts in this white falling snow
Your soft tone no longer follows,
Only the memory echoes, with a fading smile.

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