you try every trick in the book...

March 6, 2017
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You try every trick in the book to stay home sick. You stay in bed hoping your parents don’t notice. Saying that you are sick when you are clearly not. Trying not to go to school for that seven hour day. I been trying so many ways to stay home. From saying i don’t feel good to sleeping in too late. The days i can get out of being sick, is when i wait for my parents to leave for work then play some video games and watch tv. But when my parents get home it’s back to being sick. It all comes down to being a good actor. It gets to a point where your parents catch on, and when you are really sick they won’t believe you. Usually you should only do this in middle school because if you try this in high school, your grades drop, GPA goes down then you can’t get into that collage that you are trying to get into.

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