March 6, 2017
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We were both aching to adventure
or maybe just looking for an excuse to see each other.
Fifteen minutes in we giggled,
we were already starving.

Our spontaneous trip was actually just disorganized,
we had no water shoes to protect our little feet.
As long as you were there to laugh at my slips,
I would forget about not having water shoes.

My eyes fascinated over the enormous elephant rocks,
the same ones you climbed when you were a kid
and wanted me to see so badly.
I mimicked your every jump,
one boulder to the next,
you were the professional.

Slippery like wet glass,
the shut-ins rocks were our personal amusement park.
The rhythm of water crashing was our therapy.
The laughter you made after absorbing all of clumsy me was my high.

Sticky with sweat,
back in your silver civic,
we pulled into Jack in the Box parking lot.
Full off the $1.08 tacos I realized
anything would taste like a fancy feast
as long as you were there to laugh with me.

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