From Winter to Summer

March 6, 2017
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From Winter to Summer

Darkness is a cold place that lives in winter.

Dusted snow turns into FROST the next morning.

The sky appears BLACK,

Not blue.

The RARE blue sky doesn’t check in,
until mother nature calls for its season’s permanence.
I crave the sun;

W.a.i.t.i.n.g. for my skin to become a crisp red color.
Winter dissolves...

becoming a shadowed stranger.

I giggle

The GLORY of the seasons
changing makes me say a EnThUsIaStIc goodbye!
to the DISASTER I call winter.
I squeal;
“O U C H !” the smell of Aloe Vera curing my sunburn.
New fruits are in season;
the trees have grown their leaves.
The Deep Darkness of Depression
won’t see us until another
Don’t worry,
We WON’T miss you when you reappear.

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