Forever Camping

March 6, 2017
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Packing up the hefty old fifth wheel
Scrambling and stuffing the vast red truck with family like sardines
My grandpa looked me in the eyes and said,
“You keep an eye on that camper. Make sure we don’t lose it on the way”
We drove for long hours
Wind blowing through my long, brown hair
Passing boring road signs
Still watching
Passing Six Flags
Still watching
Passing mile long corn fields
Still watching
Finally, we stop
Still watching
Climbing out, I have a kink in my neck from watching

The vibrant greens and browns filled my eyes
“What is that?”
The rushing, clear waters
The playful children laughing
The crackling fire
Flooded my ears with joy

First things first, let’s swim
All I want to do is take a dip
In the cold, relaxing waters of the river

The smell,
Of the simmering chicken
Grandpa's Famous Wings were now on the pit
They flipped, turned, sizzled
Becoming golden brown
The smell of the of the BBQ flirts with my nose
Mouth watering
Tummy rumbling
Just waiting to devour
Grandpa’s Famous Chicken Wings

The glowing flames in the night
The smell of searing logs
The warmth of my grandmother's arms
I fall into a slumber for the night
Dreaming of the days to come
More laughs
More memories
More times to come

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