March 6, 2017
By nicoleeluckett BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
nicoleeluckett BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Excitement rushed through us as we picked up lee from the airport
He jumped in and we started our adventure on the road
Tree after tree, lakes and rivers and tolls we had to pay
New “Welcome To Our State” signs every couple hundred miles
Cold air blasting through a crack in the window mom had opened
Multiple trips to the rest stops to get snacks and for a bathroom break
Promising to always laugh at this experience

Endless laughs and jokes for a long drive there
Blasting Fetty Wap and Usher playing the same song for hours on end
Talking about boys and our drama: that’ life
Promising to always be friends to the end of the earth

Crazy amount of soft tacos and McChickens and Kum&Go stops
Stuck in the car for hours on hours and being trapped
Taking turns laying down on the seat and sitting up
Laying on warm blankets, we had 4 each with 2 pillows
Trapped in the car being hot and wanting out
Stopping at a motel halfway there, grossed out, 50 cents a night
Promising we would always remember our car dancing

Finally there after 15 hours of being in the car with limited breaks
Driving under all the city lights and through the busy streets
Shaking from all the excitement rushing through us
Pulled up to our hotel, better than the last, 50 Cent stays here
Unpacked the car and went in with the fresh smell of air
Stretching our legs and being so tired we wanted to go sleep
4 am and we are still rushing with excitement when we get our hotel key
Promising to never leave each other's side

New York here we are, taking the night to rest and an early 8 am breakfast
Walking through the beautiful city, the parks and the memorial
Exploring the town and everything in between until late
Promising to come back in the summer as a senior trip

Time to go home, packing suitcases
Gathering all of our souvenirs and memorable things we bought
Leaving the beautiful place behind and all of our promises
The promises thrown in the trash and never to be talked about again

The author's comments:

My poem is about broken promises and a friendship that will never be fixed...

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