Our Infinity

March 5, 2017

Staring into the night sky,
I close my eyes.
Imagining another beautiful sight,
Just me and you,
Alone staring at the stars,
Hands locked into to each other like two inseparable rings,
The rest of our bodies barely brushing against each other,
As the microscopic strands of hair shoot up.

I see a shooting star pass by,
I can feel it begging for me to make a wish.
I awaken to see the shining circular white light,
In the contrasting night sky,
I asked the moon,
To grant me her as my never-ending wish,
And the moon replied,
No one will ever love the summer as much as the winter,
Who melts every year  just to see her light shine bright,
And no one will ever love the winter,
Who hides in the dark giving all of it’s light to the beautiful summer.

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