Ode To Sleep (or lack thereof)

March 4, 2017

At night I'd lay alone.
All up in my head.
Phrases scattered in the dark,
Above my creaking bed.
Black and white and color.
They danced in monotone.
Never pausing in their haste,
To make themselves a throne.
In the end it drove me,
A little bit insane.
I never slept a whole night through.
These letters called my name.
The darkness was my company.
My mind ran off alone.
It never cared for what I said,
A traitor in my home.
Even though the nights were long,
It was all I'd ever known.
But for some reason I can't explain,
I never felt alone.
So I stare up at my ceiling,
Play a game of word roulette.
And I'd archive all the stories,
I hadn't got to yet.

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